Life In Plastic Has Returned! So Where Was I?

Hi, everybody! I’m back and just in time for Christmas! I’m sorry about my absence, so I thought you all deserved a real explanation. Let me put this in layman’s terms:


This was my computer. It’s cool, it’s trendy… but it is also old and out of date. Still, I kept plugging away with the li’l hard worker. And besides, what’s not to love?


Well, recently my computer had begun to give me some warning that all was not well. It hadn’t stopped working entirely, but something was definitely… wrong.


And then I experienced a Critical Hard Drive Failure. It was bad. Real bad. So bad that hooking it up as a slave to another computer did not help me. So bad that data retrieval software couldn’t do it. And just in case you were wondering, I did have a backup – but that backup had died in a hilarious catastrophe recently. So this was it! Fifteen years of my life! Whatever would I do?


Well, I called an expert. And he took my computer, and went to work. It took him a WHOLE WEEK, but he managed to get past all the bad sectors and see what data could be saved, little by little.


See, the System files were bad, and everything saved directly to a folder in the C drive was gone, and I also lost all my templates for Nerditis and flickr. BUT… everything else is good – photos included! Yay! He saved the day!


And now I have my new computer (bought on Cyber Monday, when it became obvious I would need one), and I am back. BACK! I have returned, and both Life In Plastic and Figure Photo of the Day have returned with me! Thank you all for your patience, and see you this Wednesday!  Also, look for a special toy review on Sunday, December 22, as part of the Toy Review Advent Calendar!

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