Figure Photo of the Day (Special): The Battle For Kyoto


Imagine this, if you will… Michizane has died.  A great scholar and poet, disgraced and abandoned. From the moment of his death, plagues wracked Kyoto.  Floods and storms ravaged the countryside.  Lightning will not stop striking the palace.  The Imperial court has done everything they could, even up to restoring Michizane’s titles to history.  But alas, the demon that has arisen is too powerful, and his hatred too great.  And then one lone exorcist stands up to the challenge – Abe no Seimei.  The old man faces a demon more powerful than any of his magic – one who has arisen from Oni to Kami, in fact.  But he has one weapon he can use:


Abe no Seimei recognizes Sugaware no Michizane’s power and fury, and rather than fighting him as an enemy, he instead offers peace.  He builds shrines, he has the people revere this spirit as they ought… and so, Michizane’s fury is calmed, and he can now take his true place among the gods, not the demons.

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