Waiting for the Doctor.


As we Whovains wait with an air of impatience for April to come, we inevitably spin up the dvd’s and hard drives of various devices, going through the episodes of previous seasons. So let us begin this column with a review of episodes past. Since Doctor Who has been a part of my life since the Baker era, I could bring up several arcs and episodes from the Classic series.  But since the show has gained popularity with its modern incarnation, this foray into the Who Universe will concentrate on the episodes that aired in 2005 to the current episodes.  Which leads us to Rose.

Aired on March 25 2005,  “Rose” brought back the series with a bang.  Written by Russel T. Davies, it started the new series of Doctor Who off with a bit of freshness. You didn’t have to be a long time viewer and have to know all about the Doctor. With Christopher Eccleston taking the helm of the Tardis as the Ninth Doctor and Rose Tyler being played by Billie Piper,  we were treated to an action packed episode that was a delight to those that were nostalgic for The good Doctor, while engaging new viewers.

As for the episode itself, well it a little weak in my humble opinion. While the acting was spot on, the special effects were fantastic (We old series viewers were blown away at the quality.) the story while important for set up of the series and characters, was not emotionally engaging. The slow moving humdrum that was Rose’s day was amusing. The assault of the humans by the mannequins was lackluster and almost disappointing after the build up.  The Monster of the Week was a pool of sentient plastic, while plausible in the Who Universe, stretched the creditability and believability a bit much for the average viewer.

I’ve talked about the main cast, I’ve talked about the monster/threat. Now I should give props to the supporting cast. Camille Coduri was amusing and amazing through out the entire series as Jackie Tyler. Noel Clarke’s performance as the clingy and insecure Mickey was at times amusing and at times painful to watch. In a lot of ways Mickey was the best character to watch as he would be the most relatable character.  Ask yourself how would you feel if your significant other met a strange person who offered her/him the stars and the cosmos and could deliver?? It would be enough to send anyone in insecurity and  worry.

The last thing of note in this episode is the soundtrack.  Murray Gold & The BBC Orchestra of Wales transported the viewer into the show in a way that the some would almost describe as magical. From the first chords of the Doctor Who theme, to the haunting voice that sang through the closing, the music was able to hit every fiber of your being and make you feel almost every emotion known to man. Haunting in some areas, funny in the next, always beautiful, Murray Gold’s orchestrations and sounds were the true bright point of this episode.

So last thoughts. Was it great t.v.? No. Was it good Doctor Who? Absolutely.

Till Next time my fellow Whovians.

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  1. Thanks Lithroe. Planning on Reviewing a vintage New Who episode a day. Keep coming back. And feel free to comment any time.

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