I dare Say you Look Haber-Dashing! I, Nerd


They say that the Clothes make the Man. I have never found this to be true. The clothes do however tell people what to expect from me before I can utter a single syllable.

Clothes might not make the man, it is a useful expression of their own likes and dislikes.

And sometimes you can never have enough FLAIR!

The wonderful people at


bring us a New Doctor Who shirt featuring fan favorite David Tennant as our lonely “God” traveling through Time and Space and making Girls hearts everywhere go all wibbly wobbly.

Next Up  at


There is a very cool Fight Club Beer Shirt for Sale. I’m a Guinness man myself, so I can appreciate an extra Dark Beer.  Full Flavor only problem for me is the aroma. It kind of smells like an old Gym Locker room. Luckily after you Drink the first 2, you really don’t care anymore.

Finally as seen above.

This new take on a Classic game makes me want to whip out my old Atari system

The 11th Doctor as Pac-Man on the run from those ever pesky Daleks.


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