Ponies Ponies everywhere!

Now it appears as though this Brony Thing is here to stay.  No longer the domain of little girls, My little Pony has hit main stream with a new Snarkier Reboot of the 80’s cartoon, generating interest amongst Children as well as Adults. While the latter still remains relatively  unaccepted by society as a whole. Michael Brockhoff is looking to change that.  Having raised over 300k in a Kickstarter project, he is releasing his Documentary on DVD in 2 weeks “”Bronies: The Extremely Unexpected Adult Fans of My Little Pony” Which takes a look at how hard it can truly be to Publically enjoy MLP as an Adult


Here’s a link  to a scene from the Project.


I hate to see people who are passionate about things get degraded for their enthusiasm by Neanderthals. But thus is the world we live in. Looks interesting and I know a couple of people who will be scanning the Internet for this one shortly.Image

3 responses to “Ponies Ponies everywhere!

  1. The story of the guys smashing the car glass is incredible O_o. I think there’s something else to learn from the Brony phenomenon – maybe the reason why we, adult male guys, end up liking this despite it being not meant for us, is also that the world feels like it is sliding towards such an age of intolerance and ignorance that it is nice to find refuge into a simple story of harmony and friendship and make it a symbol as well as a means of escapism. A culture based on the idea that what appeals to men has to be either sexual or violent is tiring. Sometimes I might enjoy the abundance of slaughters and boobs in Westeros, but sometimes I might as well just want to relax a little in the peace of Equestria.

    • However, at the end of the day, they’re both forms of escapism and when it comes to that there’s no such thing as ‘superior’ or ‘inferior’ escapism. Both are a tiny glimpse into an alternative world we would love to inhabit, if even for a moment, just to escape the drudgery that is routine.

      • Hmmm, yeah. I don’t endorse escapism in general if it goes beyond the simple “ok, let’s forget all crap for one hour, kick back and relax”. But what I meant was more that the kind of escapism one chooses tells you lots about what are you escaping from. Exciting and epic adventures let you escape from the boredom of a common, peaceful life. If people begins to desire escaping in an idyllic pony-inhabited utopia, though, you have to think they’re escaping from something else entirely. Which leads to my point.

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