Review: Sonic Screwdriver Universal Remote

The sonic screwdriver, the iconic tool of The Doctor.
Capable of 
opening doors, scanning, working as a microphone(Christmas Carol episode with the flying sharks) Controlling electronic devices.

And now, you can own your own working Sonic Screwdriver!

Now, unfortunately, it can’t do all that, but it can control TV’s and home media systems, and as a bonus, it works as good as the Doctor’s when aimed at wood.

The Box

The front of the box proudly shows off The Sonic

The back of the box contains more info on the product, and has a photo of it in its display case.

The bottom of the box has technical information related to how to use the sonic.

The top and sides of the box had the Doctor Who logo on a blue background

Out Of The Box

Opening the box, you find the Sonic, safe and sound inside its display case.
You also find an instruction pamphlet.  One side tells you how to place the batteries, and the other, how to use it.
(I love the blueprint look on this side!)

As for the Sonic itself, it’s in it’s base covered in a protective wrapper, and bound to the base by annoying plastic ties. After cutting these(Carefully mind you. You paid more than 100 for this, anything that happens after it arrives on your door is your fault!), you will have to care fully unscrew one of the rings on the upper half of the sonic.
Then you’re gonna need a screwdriver to remove a screw(Irony, oh how I love you!) the upper half. You’re gonna need some batteries for it. So remember to stock up. After you’re done putting it together(With the batteries inside.), just press and hold a button on the bottom of the sonic and it should turn on(make sure the batteries are right before attempting returning it).

The Base

The base is nice looking, if a bit plain. It is marked with green Galifreyan lettering(Circular Galifreyan, not high old Galifreyan). But the lettering is hard to see unless you’re looking from just the right angle.

The base is mostly grey painted, but has a a smooth stone-y look to it, and has a little black wire-y things molded to the side.

A side note, the part of the base that holds the sonic is made of hard plastic. Thinking it may scratch the sonic, I placed a little tape on it to prevent potential scratches.

The back of the base Looks like smooth stone, but since there’s not much else there, it’s a bit boring.

The underside of the base has unpainted gauges and more wired molded into it

The Sonic Screwdriver

It looks screen accurate, minus the spring loaded extension claw-y mode that the toy version has, which may be disappointing  for some. Speaking of the toy, it’s the same size as it.

See? Now you can’t doubt me

The toy version even fits on the base!

Feels nice and solid in the hand and has a fair bit of weight to it. Which makes it feel more real.

The white part is not pure white. It’s still white, just with a slight gray tint, kinda like a lighter shade of eggshell white. Personally though, I think it looks fantastic.

It also has a brilliant shine since it’s actually copper plated. The black part feels nice, and has a smooth but grip-y material. Feels far more comfortable than the toy version.

The grey “Claw” area has a slight worn look to it.

The “emitter”, while looking like it may not let much light pass, it’s even brighter than the toy version!

Programming The Sonic

Programming the remote: it’s not a hard task getting acquainted with it, after quickly pressing the button on the bottom of the Sonic 2 times, it should say “Entering programming mode”(Yes, it talks! Well, a little anyway. And with a the voice of a British woman)

then you preform a gesture, like tapping on the top, and you hold out the traditional remote in front of the green tip and press the button you want the sonic to do .

Then press the button on the bottom of the sonic to exit programming mode, and then you can use it in place of your normal (And much less cool) remote.

(Note: each gesture= one action. On my default TV remote, it can turn on Cable, and the TV with just one button press. I had to program two gestures to turn on my TV.

The remote can memorize up to 39 different gestures, separated into 3 different memory banks, so don’t worry about running out of stuff you can program.)


It works with precision around 95% of the time. But it’s very easy to confuse some gestures at first(and even after sufficient practice). It’s very sensitive to gestures to it tends to mistake them sometimes.
it can do many sounds from the TV show. 3 of which are sonic screwdriver sounds.
For some strange reason the “control mode” has a slightly different “sonic” sound than the one in the show has, it’s the same noise, just at a slightly different pitch.

Practice mode: Used to learn gestures
Control mode: Default mode to control devices. Makes Sonic Screwdriver sound.
Quiet control mode: Not really quiet, makes a (somewhat) quiet click-y noise.
FX mode: basically pretend mode(and fun mode). preforming gestures activates 13 different sounds


think it’a amazing, and worth it! I fell in love with it the moment I saw it!

I’d recommend it to others, and I give it a 4.4 out of 5


(Photo Gallery)

If there’s something you’d like me to review, feel free to mention it in the comments, and I’ll see if I can.

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