I’ll take the Guitar Hero Sandwich and my date will have the Dance Dance Ravioli


Now that the 80’s generation is old enough to have disposable income, companies are starting to realize the value of nostalgia. Arcade games are all the rage again, and have been popping up across the country in all the “cool” parts of town.

Hoping to reap the benefits of this trend, Namco, the company responsible for devouring my allowance as a child, (also a whole whack of video games) has been working along side a “well established restaurateur” to develop an “upscale restaurant with entertainment elements”. Effectively a Chain of eateries with a bunch of Arcade games in them, But classy.

The working title for the Restaurant is “Level 256” which might be recognizable by old school gamers as the final level in the Original Pac-Man.

If you live in Chicago you now have something to look forward to, as this is where the flagship Restaurant is scheduled to open, but soon spreading across the Country like a plague of……uhm ….places we might actually want to eat, but personally I’m still waiting for a Planet Krypton chain to open up.

Planet Krypton

Source: http://www.shortlist.com/cool-stuff/arcade-restaurants-to-become-a-thing

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