Life In Plastic: Toy News Roundup For 01/14/2012


Happy Monday, folks!  It’s been a big and busy week, with announcements, leaks, non-announcements, delays, and weirdness.  So, it’s time to see what’s new in the realm of little plastic guys!

*First up, Michael W. Crawford is holding the Poppies, a yearly set of toy awards!  I’m one of the judges, so obviously I think it’s awesome.  But you can vote, too, in the People’s Picks!  LINK

Well, might as well get all the MOTUC news out of the way now:

*Ram-Man has been DELAYED, folks!  Mattel didn’t get enough stock in, so the sale this Tuesday is just going to be for Netossa and some old figures.  I’m going to try for a Horde Prime, myself, and will blame you if I fail.  LINK

*Scott Neitlich finally explained why He-Man stuff has been showing up at Wal-Mart.  The answer?  “I dunno.  Wasn’t me.  Maybe it was your mom.”  Well, maybe not, but he did insist that there is no official agreement going on with Wal-Mart to sell Roboto and Gygor.  LINK

*Neitlich also gave us a first look at the upcoming Snake Face figure (Which I want, because I have an unhealthy affection for medusae).  Unfortunately, he recorded it with the camera that comes with that Buzz Lightyear toy.  You know the one.  Also he showed off the insanely excessive packaging for those Watchmen figures.  Here it is.  LINK

*Also, DC is going to run an ongoing Masters of the Universe comic.  How much you wanna bet the toy line dies right before it starts up?  LINK

*In other news, Hasbro is going to retire one of the Monopoly pieces forever, and replace it with a new one.  Personally, I hope it’s the new-and-thus-not-nostalgic money bag that gets the axe, but we all know it’ll be the hat.  or the thimble.  Or the cute, cute widdle doggy that my family always fought over because we like puppies.  These days, I put tiny figures on the board.  You ever play Monopoly with one of those D&D brains in a jar?  It’s awesome.  LINK

*Playmates Toys has announced Wave 2 of the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Classics figures.  It’s BEBOP AND ROCKSTEADY!!!! AUUUUUGH AWESOME!!!!  Though I wonder if they’ll look like their cartoon counterparts, or like the weird, weird toys they had back in 1987.  LINK

*Deep Fried Figures made a toy of a gigantic robot whale.  This has been showing up all around the toy news sites for some reason.  LINK

*Hot Toys has released a teaser image of all of the awesome but unaffordable stuff they will be releasing this year.  On a more personal note, I finally saw the $500 Ironmonger figure in person the other day.  It’s gorgeous, stunning, a work of art… and holy crap $500 yikes WHY?  LINK

*Speaking of expensive stuff, NECA has put up the pre-order links for its Half-Life Gravity Gun replica.  And just like with the Portal Gun replica, this one will NOT actually work the way it does in the game.  LINK

*Also concerning NECA, a Nation of Islam group has complained that Django Unchained toys are racist and evil.  I’d comment, but no matter what I say somebody would call me a racist for it.  LINK

*NECA’s Predators Wave 7 is beginning to show up.  So head out fast if you want to buy a Masked City Hunter (you’ll never see him), a cloaked Falconer (you’ll see him), or that red samurai Predator from a Batman fan film (…wow).!  No link, because it’s store news.

*NECA has announced that Prometheus Series 2, starring the proto-Xenomorph, will be out in late February.  Hey, remember when Ridley Scott promised that Prometheus had absolutely totally nothing to do with Alien?  LINK

*Eric Nilla and Jimmy Rommel’s awesome MUSCLE-esque toylines, Universe of Violence and Gorewads, are going to change a lot this year.  I think Nilla still has some of those giant Hell Turtles for sale if you want them.  Also, Rommel has put up his first contest of the year, if you want a chance at scoring these guys for free!  ERIC NILLA  IRONHAUS

*Just a reminder, those brand new Battle Beast Minimates that aren’t Minimates and don’t resemble Battle Beasts should start showing up in stores this week!  And even after mocking them, I will still buy them and be happy.  I want them to remake the octopus guy next.  Oh yeah, you can preorder them at Big Bad Toy Store.  LINK

*It looks like Lego might make a War Machine minifigure, but we’re not sure yet – you know, because repainting Iron Man is just so hard.  LINK

*For those of you who love your Pokeymans, there is a really super-articulated and awesome-looking Charizard coming up.  For those who aren’t Pokemon fans, you should buy one and use it in your D&D game for lolz.  LINK

*And finally, it looks like Tamashii Nation, a Japanese company, wants to Liefeld-ize Woody and Buzz Lightyear.  I wonder where else they can go with this.  Impossibly-proportioned Jesse in a stripperific outfit?  Hamm as a slavering, bloody-fanged were-boar?  Grim ‘n Gritty Mr. Potato Head?  Only time will tell.  LINK

Well, that’s it for now!  Stay tuned for more from Life In Plastic!

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