Hunter’s Journal: Season 1 Episode 1

I will regret this one day when the power goes out….

Welcome to Hunter’s Journal, where I watch an episode of Supernatural, live blog it, save the interesting bits and give a basic opinion of the episode.

Keynotes; I can’t handle anything scary.


OK, so far it seems calm and peaceful. This will not en-Scary music…
OK….lady went to bed and got up to check on her kid. Music…music playing more. Scare chord, not good.  lady screams, man goes upstairs. room peaceful  no lady.  Blood drip. Lady on ceiling. Lady on fire. Baby cries. Fire. Fire that sounds like it’s burping. Rest of family escapes the house. Firefighters. Music builds up. Title card.

Car with guy in California. I live in California. I will be scared. Lady hitchhiker in white dress. Idiot lets her in car. This will not end well. They drive to her home. He looks at house. She disappears. He gets out of car. (Get back in, you idiot!) CREEPY MUSIC! BATS! GUY ESCAPES IN CAR, LADY IN BACKSEAT, CAR GOES THROUGH BRIDGE BLOCK, SCREAMING, GUY GOES SPLAT.


They go to bridge they argue, see ghost lady on edge of bridge. She jumps off bridge. Car turns on. Evil car! Running! they Jump off bridge. They are fine. They go to motel, they find out their dad was there. They find out the ghost is “A Woman In White”. Cops show up, and arrest dean.

Dean calls Sam while he’s driving, drives into ghost lady. She drives car to her home. She tries to kill him. She starts clawing into him. Dean shoots at ghost lady. She stops. Sam crashes car into home. She throws a table at them. Wet stairs. Ghost kids…..WHAT???? They hug her and she starts screaming and then goes all flesh-y and disappears in blue flames. They laugh.


They go back to Sam’s place. Blood drip. Deja vu. Girlfriend on ceiling. Room catches fire and sounds like a frog croaking. Dean saves him. Firefighters. Sam gears up for revenge. Credits.

Had me interested the entire episode. Basically, a Sam and Deans Mom dies on the ceiling, then 20 years later, their dad disappears.  They look for him, but find a local monster instead. They eventually find out that their dad is missing, hiding from something apparently. Meanwhile the Lady in white goes after dean. She takes over the car, and drives it to the front yard of her house. She then tries to kill Sam by jabbing her nails into him. Dean shows up, and starts shooting at her, somehow this is a valid tactic, as Sam uses this chance to ram the car into the house, where her dead kids are. And….something happens, and she’s gone. They return home, and Sam’s Girlfriend is on the ceiling. Dead. And Sam joins his brother to go after whatever killed her.

Scariness: 1/5
Wasn’t as scary as I was expecting. The scariest bit was when the Woman in White was defeated. But I did not get bored.

Episode quality: 4/5
Characters interesting. Good suspense and Special effects good

Fun: 3/5
Had my chuckling a little, and the action scene was good. 

Final thoughts:
Good episode, and great start to series

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