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Insurgent isn’t the kind of comic I usually buy.  I’m a super hero guy, I know what I like and it almost always involves Tights and Cowls.  Still when I read the synopsis online I thought the book could hold great promise. So despite my better judgment I added yet another book to my Pull list and decided that, having no emotional attachment or investment with these characters it would be the perfect book for me to begin my review column with.


The Art is clean and very well drawn (sadly, nothing turns me off a book faster than the style of art, as much as I might enjoy the story my primary response is to the art) There was a clean view of what the world was.  The use of color to reflect the shifting mood of the book was also very clever and enjoyable.

 Our Story begins in the near future with John Ravane hunting down a soldier in a junk yard. The target had been Cybernetically augmented in a program called Insurgent. Designed to be a super soldier, things however didn’t go according to plan (as they rarely do) and the Cyber-soldier bolted. With the same type of grim determination that brought us to adore and Idolize characters like Ric Dekkard, and US Marshall Samuel Gerard, John completes his mission but not before the dying Soldier (who is more machine than man now)  demands a favor of him. He had just wanted to see his daughter one last time. And with his dying breath ask Ric to keep her safe. With that John Ravane had succeeded in closing the program down, but unfortunately not before it was leaked to the public.

Hours later the President if the United States is having a Press conference to address the issue’s  surrounding the Insurgent Program.  Claiming that all the Soldiers were volunteers doing their patriotic duty to keep their country safe, but before he can get the next lie out from between his lips concerning the final fate of the “volunteers” he takes 3 rounds in the chest from an anti-insurgent activist.(secret program and it already has activist?)  Yes ladies and gentlemen, the President has been assassinated.


Flashforward 10 years.

In a brief re-cap it’s explained to us who the program was conceived to help keep America safe from domestic terrorism, to allow group members to infiltrate terrorist organization and destroy them from within.  After several attacks by rogue insurgents, the government outsourced the elimination of  these radicals to teams of Hunters, as well as do what ever was necessary to keep the news of their existence out of the media. (Enter John Ravane)

Sadly all is not as it would seem.

In a bright metropolis a young lady walks into a bank only to find it being held up by 5 masked armed men carrying assault shotguns.  After being threatened she instinctively re-acts and proceeds to take them out.  With carnage lying all around her, she is understandably a little freaked out, not understanding how she did what she did. She panics and runs out side, only to be shot down by the police officers responding to the bank robbery, because unfortunately for her she was still holding the weapons she took from the would be thieves.  Lucky for us you can’t keep a good women down, and much to the surprise of the cops she gets up beats the crap out of the 4 officers who were stand over her presumably decease body then runs off.

It appears as though the government’s been lying to its people again and the the Insurgent program went Hi-tech with Nano-technology rather than the obvious exterior body Mods. And to boot there are now sleeper agents among us.

That is the gist of the story but not the end of the book.   It’s a good story, and as previously stated it has a Blade Runner meets Terminator feel to it, but not so overwhelming that it distracts.  The art is crisp and clean, The story is well thought out, captivating and I have a feeling  that there are going to be some serious plot twist in this one before it’s over.


If you enjoyed my description then give the book a chance, because I know I didn’t do it justice.

Buy the book and support your local Comic shop!


Written by: F.J. DeSanto,Todd Farmer

Art by: Federico Dallocchio

Cover by: Federico Dallocchio

4 responses to “Frame by Frame A comic review.

  1. Interesting review, Brando Lars, and a great start for the first one. Appreciate the comments surrounding the artwork. It shows a global approach to the critique on the body of work. One of the things that puzzles me though is the premise of the underlying storyline on the use of Nanotechnology and High Tech to create a group of super soldiers. Has the purpose of creating this group been explained as of yet or are we supposed to infer that the super soldiers are being created so that someone can effectively stage a coup d’etat at a later date but has disguised this program as form of super police swat team (like the Sentinels were supposed to be). Titling the book Insurgent would certainly seem to promote this idea but then again I haven’t read the story yet and might be completely off base………..

    • In a brief re-cap it’s explained to us who the program was conceived to help keep America safe from domestic terrorism, to allow group members to infiltrate terrorist organization and destroy them from within.

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