Figure Photo of the Day: Hulk Vs. Hulk

Hulk Vs Hulk

Hulk Vs. Hulk, by Ridureyu

So, Red Hulk. Good or bad idea? I’ll let you decide. Regardless, it DOES make for some awesome fight scenes!

Red Hulk is actually General Thunderbolt Ross, after going waaaay off the deep end and turning himself into the very monster he most hates. He gets hotter as he grows angrier… er, temperature-wise. Which has gotta hurt. ANYWAY, Red Hulk is intelligent, sometimes uses a gun, and spent a lot of time killing bad guys and supporting characters from the Hulk franchise and beating the crap out of powerful heroes before he was finally taken down. I think he’s semi-reformed now, and works with the Avengers or something. I dunno, I just liked staging this fight scene.

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