This is WAR!


Do you remember way back in 2007, when the good crew over at Blind Ferret Entertainment promised us a LFG Movie (Looking for Group) and Maliciously teased us with the promo slaughter your world. In this animated short  Richard the undead warlock sang a delightfully horrifying version of a Little mermaid song all the while generating an unnatural amount of chaos in a lowly farming village. Well if you don’t remember it here it is.

Now take 4 minutes go and watch it then come back. It’s Okay I’ll wait…..

Back? If you enjoyed that, then you’ll love this little nugget of information I stumbled across yesterday.

A new Musical number entitled “This is war” where the hero of LFG Cale is trying to convince his undead companion to defend a gnome town against an invading Troll army.

It’s a kick-starter project, so if you are interested in donating here is the site  with an explanation as to what ever happens to that LFG movie and a teaser for the new video.

Enjoy Folks

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