Figure Photo of the Day: Harpy


Harpy, by Ridureyu

From the Greek “harpuia,” which was from the earlier Greek “harpazein,” which meant “To snatch,” harpies live for one thing: Grabbin’ stuffs.

The original Harpies were a pair of sisters, Aello and Celaeno (or Podarge), who later got a third sis named Ocypete. Contrary to popular belief, harpies were originally pretty, with hag variants only showing up much later. Well, beautiful in a certain manner of speaking. Bird parts, and all.

Harpies really only appeared in relation to the punishment of King Phineus of Thrace. Phineus was a prophet, and Zeus thought he revealed too much – so, because loose lips sink ships and all that, Zeus put out Phineus’s eyes and stranded him on an abandoned, ruined island. Every day, a banquet of food would appear on a table, but before Phineus could eat anything, the harpies would swoop in and snatch, eat, or destroy it all. Poor, poor Phineus. This lasted until the day that Jason and the Argonauts arrived, at which point they captured the harpies alive, sending them back home to Crete with a promise never to harrass Phineus again.

And now you know!

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