Hunter’s Journal: Season 1 Episode 2

I will regret this one day when the power goes out….

Welcome to Hunter’s Journal, where I watch an episode of Supernatural, live blog it, save the interesting bits and give a basic opinion of the episode.

Keynotes; I can’t handle anything scary.


Angsty intro. Camping site, growl-y noises. guy playing a first gen DS. Another guy sending a video. One of theme leaves for restroom. Ominous music. Bushes. Scary noises. screaming. Guys in tent react less than they should. Thing attacks them one by one. It is fast. Camera is scared, since it shakes a lot. Thing rips into tent and gets last guy.

Sam is in grave yard, at his girlfriend’s grave. He talks to grave. Puts flowers down, ZOMBIE HAND POPS OUT! It was all a dream….He was in the Impala with dean the whole time. They talk. They keep talking. They keep looking for their dad. The coordinates send them to “Black water ridge”. They talk to park ranger, they find out that the camping guy is missing because the Ranger says his sister is worried.

The girl is about to head into the woods, with her brother, and a guy hired to protect them. The Sam and Dean say they’re gonna join them. Scene cut to damp cave where a guy is hanging by his arms, near by is another guy in the same state. The monster thing gets closer, and there’s a gory discretion shot when it eats him. Violently. Very violently.


In the morning, they are at the campsite. Dean talks with the sister for a bit. Then, Sam and Dean tell the two siblings that the monster is a Wendigo. They say it used to be a human that became a cannibal. Dean tells them that to kill it, they need to burn it. They start to follow the tracks it left. It starts to make noises and body guard’s corpse falls from a tree. They start to run, Dean and the sister get separated. The monster goes after them. She screams at it.
They leave a trail of M&Ms(?) for Sam and the brother to follow. They go into an old mine. They hide from the Wendigo. They fall into the place where the monster keeps people, and find Dean and the sister. After freeing them. The Sister and the brother find their missing brother. Dean finds flare guns.
Dean starts insulting the monster to distract it so the others can escape. The rest of them start to escape. Sam stays behind to cover them. The wendigo is Lurching after them (slowly, for some reason), and corners them. Dean shoots it with the flare gun, and kills it.

Summary :
A group of 20-something young men are camping, then they get picked off one by one. Then we have the grave yard scene, where Sam is leaving flowers on his dead girlfriend’s grave and a Zombie hand pops out. (Hmmm, now I wonder if there are Zombies in Supernatural{NOBODY TELL ME. Spoilers…}), then it turns out that that whole scene was a dream. Then Sam and Dean go to a Forrest ranger station, there they find out that the sister is looking for her brother, they go to her house.

They get the Video that the brother took, they later go interrogate a survivor that lost his parents to the monster. The next day, they all team up in the woods. They find the camp site, the hear some screaming, find nothing, when they return, they find all their supplies are gone. At night fall, they are sitting around the campfire, they hear growling, and the body guard starts shooting, he hits it, and stupidly goes after it.
He gets killed.

In the morning, the rest of them decide to go on the ofensive. They arm themselves with Molotov Cocktails to burn the Wendigo. They go after it, the body guard’s corpse almost falls on the sister. They get separated, and Dean and the sister get taken to it’s cave-mine thing. Sam and the brother follow the trail of M&Ms, they go into the cave, they fall into the area where Dean and the Sister are. They get untied, and they find the missing brother still alive. They rescue him, and Dean goes of to distract the Wendigo, it doesn’t work, and it goes after the rest of them. The Wendigo corners them, and Dean saves them at the last moment by shooting it with a road flare. Then the closing scene where everyone’s being tended by paramedics. Dean and the sister talk, then the end credits.


Fun: 3/5
Had a few moments that feel slow, but thankfully, they don’t last.

Episode Quality: 3/5
The effects were good. But there were some things that felt out of place in the story; such as: how could the sister and dean leave the trail of M&Ms if the thing was super fast? And they were apparently knocked out, since they woke up in the cave. And why was the Wendigo so slow at the end?

Scariness: 3/5
The monster is scary at the beginning, but the reveal is a bit of a let down.

Final thoughts:
An OK episode. entertaining enough to stay watching it.

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