Welcome to day 0 “New comic day!” week 4 edition

Marvel offers us an insane quantity of variants and DC is bankrupting me this week. So without further ado


Week 4 in the Big 2.


Birds of Prey 16 • The team gets a deadly new member in the form of Strix, a former Talon from the Court of Owls!

• Who is she and what does her appearance mean for the rest of the Birds?

• Plus: Something goes terribly wrong for Black Canary…


Green Lantern 16 • “RISE OF THE THIRD ARMY” marches toward its conclusion as Simon Baz meets his fellow Green Lantern for the first time, just as the Corps teeters on absolute destruction!

• The Guardians of the Universe make their next move exploiting the power of the First Lantern.

• Plus: What’s happened to Hal Jordan and Sinestro since they’ve been sucked into the Dead Zone?

• The end of the Guardians’ control over the Corps is near as we prepare for the next big epic!

(looks like the 3rd Army has risen already what’s the next step?)

Green Lantern Corp 16 • “RISE OF THE THIRD ARMY” continues!

• All hell is breaking loose as John and Fatality battle the Third Army and the Guardians unleash horror on Oa!

• And not to be left out of the mayhem and chaos, Guy Gardner breaks out of jail — with a little help from Earth’s newest Green Lantern, Simon Baz!

Green Lantern: New Guardians 16 • “RISE OF THE THIRD ARMY” continues!

• As Kyle Rayner begins to master the spectrum of Lantern powers, the Third Army attacks!


Justice League 16 • “THRONE OF ATLANTIS” continues!

• Aquaman can barely hold on against Ocean Master even with the League by his side!

• The United States loses faith in the Justice League and enters the battle against Atlantis, setting in motion the creation of the Justice League of America!

• More on the Superman/Wonder Woman alliance!

• Plus: In the backup story, the origin of SHAZAM! continues!

Wonder Woman 16 • Wonder Woman and her half brother Milan must grapple with the dangerous New God known as Orion!

• What strange alliance has the terrifying First Born made?

Marvel Comics


Avengers 3 – “THE GARDEN”The birth of the New Adam.On Mars, the Battle between The Avengers and the Garden comes to a dramatic conclusion.“If you want LIFE and all the good things living entails, then you’ll have to earn it.” –Ex Nihilo

Deadpool 4 – The grudge match you’ve been waiting for: DEADPOOL VS. LINCOLN!

Deadpool de-undead-ifies AT LEAST twelve Presidents, easy.

Guaranteed to make you better looking to potential mates!

Uncanny Avengers 3 – Red Skull is using his new powers to incite violence against mutants across the globe! Scarlet Witch and Rogue make a terrible discovery that will haunt them forever! The Uncanny Avengers feel the full might of Red Skull’s S-Men!


Uncanny X-Force 3 – Psylocke and Storm lead a new team of outcasts and scoundrels, including fan-favorite Puck, the villainous Spiral, and the mysterious Cluster. Their first adversary? X-legend Bishop!

(Puck’s back I might pick up this book just for him)

Winter Soldier 14 – The grand finale of the BLACK WIDOW HUNT

Will Bucky sacrifice everything to save his love?

Can Black Widow even be saved?

Ed Brubaker finishes his critically-acclaimed run and no one escapes unscathed!


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