Figure Photo of the Day: Hecatoncheir, The Hundred-Armed Eidolon

Hecatoncheir - The Hundred-Armed Eidolon

Hecatoncheir, The Hundred-Armed Eidolon, by Ridureyu

Hekatonkheires – (Hecatoncheir, Hekatonkheir, Hecatonkheir, Hecatonchire, Hecatonchires, Hekatonkhires)

In Greek mythology, the hundred-armed and fifty-headed giants feared by even the gods and titans. They guarded the gates of Tartarus itself.

Hecatoncheir – in Final Fantasy XIII, an Eidolon is an ancient spirit encased within a mechanical body designed by the mystical Fal’Cie to aid their human servants, the L’Cie, and help them finish their assigned tasks. Hecatoncheir is of the element of Earth, and guards Oerba Dia Vanille. It can also transform into a vehicle for Vanille to directly pilot into battle – the arms condense into gatling guns, much like the two “back” sets of arms visible on this figure, and it bends over, becoming essentially a two-legged gunnery platform.

Its summoning script reads: “By the grace of Etro, arise great and mighty giant. Come forth, thee who shoulders the sky. A name in blood, a pact of strength. Hecatoncheir shall rise, his bond eternal and unyielding. Impure hands purge arms that fortify weakness.”

This figure has thirty arms.

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