Figure Photo of the Day: Big Red

Big Red

Big Red, by Ridureyu

“The unique red armor and brighter fleshtones distinguish the Big Red Predator from others in the clan. It is assumed Big Red has an affinity for the Samurai culture as evidenced by his ornamental belt and the 2 Katana swords that hang from his right hip. Contrary to most Predators, his wrist blades are golden in color and are housed on his left gauntlet as opposed to the traditional right side location. Legend has it that Big Red has encountered many Xenomorphs and an infamous costumed vigilante during his hunt.”

In 2003, the greatest fan film (up until that point) debuted. Sandy Collora produced Batman: Dead End as a demo reel of his directorial skills, but in the process produced a surprisingly good (if brief) crossover between Batman, Alien, and Predator. At the very end of the movie, three Predators decloaked in front of Batman, (presumably) either to hunt him or to help him face the xenomorphs. Two of the Predators looked pretty average, but the middle one… was special!

Big Red is the Samurai Predator (remember that Hot Toys figure? BTW, please buy one for me). With a clear fascination for Earth’s Japanese culture, he has donned a measure of samurai garb, including the swords. He is also left-handed, something we haven’t seen before.

Is Big Red Batman’s savior, or one of his enemies?

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5 responses to “Figure Photo of the Day: Big Red

  1. Wow, great figure and nice write up. Interesting observations about the left handedness. I do wonder if this isn’t a design flaw as Japanese culture predominantly favors right handedness, especially the Samurai who always wore their katana on the left side for a right handed draw. Even when moving from a kneeling to standing position Samurai ALWAYS raise their right leg first to draw their katana more efficiently. Left handed Samurai simply do not exist so design flaw or perhaps the photo was reversed ?

  2. If you like Batman, I do suggest you to read Batman: Arkham Unhinged. It’s the best thing DC is publishing right now, along with Animal Man and Team 7.
    Another worthy read definitely is Witchblade. It faced a sort of reboot from issue # 151, and it’s been pure awesomeness each month since then.

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