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Seeing RedImage

The following event take place in Red Lanterns #0. The red lantern corp was born in the heart of an Alien named Atros on the day that his family was slaughtered by the Green Lanterns predecessors The “Manhunters”. In an attempt to impose order over the universe the Guardians created an assembly line, constructing a robot police force. Krona (a guardian) believed this army to be flawed due to it’s inability to deviate from its programming. Unwilling to listen to his concerns, he took an opportunity which presented itself, reprogramming the automatons to destroy all life on the planet Ryut..


Atros (our would be anti-hero) had never trusted the manhunters presents on his home world. Unfortunately his intuition proved to be reliable when they began to slaughter every one on the planet. In an attempt to save his children from the fate which befell his wife he rushed out to find them, sadly he arrived in time to see them get killed by the malicious Machines. Cradling the remains of his child in his arms teetering on the edge of despair something snapped inside him. A terrifying rage bubbled up and gave him enormous strength and resilience   (Fade to Red) Time passes

Four strange visitor descend onto what remains of Atros’s home world. To call it a graveyard would be misleading, because the bodies are buried in a graveyard, here there was no one left to bury the dead. These 4 are not guardians, but resemble more creatures from a H.P. Lovecraft novel, they are the Demons of Sector 666. They came to Ryut to find a man whose tale had become legendary, a man whose rage burned so fierce that he was able to kill many Man Hunters with his bare hands. Under a mountain of bones is where they find Atros his fist still clenched around the throat of a Robot. His heart still in a fury over the battles he had just fought, he attacks the new visitors, accusing them of being Guardians come to gloat over their handy work. Instead of destroying him however, they offer him an opportunity for revenge against the Guardians (who had banished them from their magical realm) Desperate for an outlet to vent his rage, our survivor accepts. Time passes.


Atros  is an excellent student and learns everything these 4 have to offer. Everything except the secrets of the Blood Prophecy, for centuries the female demoness Roixaeume has denied him. Until one day desperate to advance his mission he con’s her into believing he is in love with her, and on that day any hope of him returning to the man he was dies, all hope in him dies, leaving only his rage and his mission of vengeance,

Vengeance is a fine goal and all, but one does not simply walk up to their enemy and gut them. Especially when your enemy is as powerful and well protected as the Guardians. Using his new found power, Atros captures an unsuspecting Guardian traveling alone and using the immortals blood, he glimpse’s into the future. In his vision he sees himself standing over the bodies of his fallen comrades, as the vision fades he knows what the future expects of him. Time passes.


The Guardians finally succeed in subduing Atros and the Demons and as punishment for their crimes against the universe are crucified on the planet Ysmault. A barren hell world. Now if the Guardians had been playing attention to the earth say 2000 years earlier, they would have realized that crucifixion is never a good way to eliminate an enemy. They tend to lead to things like resurrections and rebirths. Trapped on that world Atros kept relieving the horrors perpetrated on his home by the Guardians. Fueling his rage until he would no longer be restrained he tore himself free. And then did what the Guardians had been unable to do for eons. He killed the Demons of sector 666, used their blood and all the Dark magic he had learned over their eons together to create a Red power Battery becoming the first Red Lantern. If the Guardians could harness willpower as a weapon for their Corp then he would do the same using Rage in the same manner. As he fuels the new Battery with the rage within him, he is transformed into Atrocitus the first Red Lantern


Rage and I have always been comfortable together, though it has taken me many years, well into my adult life to finally understand the nature of my rage. I have been fuel by a sense of impotence, and inadequacy. Always reacting to situations rather than initiating change and trampling a new path for my future. My Rage has always been internalized and tempered by a massive amount of self-control. I would feel empowered, strong, and even intimidating. While this might contribute to a sense of security in uncomfortable situations, it also started to commandeer every aspect of my life. After years of soul searching I now realize that it was always a false sense of security, like a blown fish puffing up, no more dangerous than before just unapproachable. Relationships were being ruined as I always had a tendency to go from a dead stop to explosion in no time flat. I commend my friends for finding the patients in dealing with my tantrums. Whether it was a video game control cracking in half under the strain of my vise like grip, a mouse being flung across the room in a moment of frustration or punching Cement pillars at work with such force the it was a miracle I never broke my hand. (or the buildings, in movies the buildings break first). The only time my rage served me, was in forging a friendship with an “agent of fear”, as my rage made me unpredictable, he never knew what to expect from me earning me a measure of respect from him.

The problem with rage is that it is a destructive force. It inevitably destroy everything around it as well as the source. That is the problem I see with the Red Lantern comic. At it’s core it’s about a negative force, and however Atrocitus may try to make his corp a positive force in the universe it’s very essence prevents that from being possible. You can’t make peace with Rage, all you can make is more victims. I wonder what our first Lantern will do when he finally realizes this?

Below is my first attempt at cosplay. I went to a convention 2 years ago and decided to go all out.


My Lantern name was Temper.

Brando Lars Signing off

Stay true reader and remember, “All will be well”

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