This Week’s “ohhh Hell yeah moment” brought to you by the Uncanny Avengers #3

This is a New column I’m trying out and be warned there will be spoilers


In the Uncanny Avengers last week the Red Skull kidnapped the body of the now dead  Charles Xavier. Experimented on his mind and now has his vast mental capabilities. but he’s only using them to generate Hate between Mutant and Humans. Whew. thank god he hasn’t realized he can just mind wipe everyone yet.

My first Hell yeah moment involved Havoc standing up good old Cap and even trying to slap some sense into him. My Second is Wolverine teach the Red Skull a lesson why he is the best at what he does.


That is what happens when things get mixed up there big boy. Fight guy with Shield or fight guy with claws?

I think we know Red preference.

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