3 claws up for the new Wolverine movie. (don’t let me down guys!)


The Wolverine is looking more and more interesting as it’s release date approaches. In a recent interview the films producer Hutch Parker revealed the essence of the journey Logan embarks upon.

The film takes place after X-men “the last stand” and we find our hero in a very Bad, Dark place.

Parker revealed, “”We pick up Logan in a very isolated state, full of self-loathing. He is sought out by a young Asian woman for reasons he doesn’t fully understand, who is asking him to follow her to Japan where he is meant to reconnect with someone he spent prison-time with in Nagasaki,” Parker explained. “And the legacy of that experience – effectively Logan saved him – is that this man is on his deathbed, and is looking to give him a gift, to thank him for the life he’s had.”

He continued, “But this gift draws Logan into a very complex and very unexpected world within both contemporary Japan, and to some degree the feudal history of Japan. The quality of this story is that it takes Logan on such a challenging personal journey. He’s so in isolation, so out of his element. It’s a much more powerful distillation of his character than you’ve seen before. It’s why people have always love this particular story.”


Hugh Jackman looks totally Jacked-up for he reprisal of Logan and I for one will be first in line come July 26 when the movie is suppose to be released.

Source. http://splashpage.mtv.com/2013/01/29/wolverine-producer-reveals-why-logan-heads-to-japan/#more-74042

3 responses to “3 claws up for the new Wolverine movie. (don’t let me down guys!)

  1. My prediction:

    Cable will show up near the end, only with a shaved head, wrist blades, eye lasers, and his mouth stitched shut.

  2. As much as I enjoy Hugh Jackman as Wolverine, I’ve been less then impressed with the way the entire X-men franchise has been handled on screen. Was disappointed with Original movie all all the sequels have left a bad taste in my mouth. Not looking forward to this one.

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