Figure Photo of the Day: Skeletor


Skeletor, by Ridureyu


Skeletor is so iconic that I don’t know where to start. Blah blah, King Randor’s half-brother, blah blah, injured with acid, blah blah, Hordak’s magic gave him a skullhead, wants power of Grayskull, etc. It’s funny how his design went from a generic barbarian demon to an alien trying to open a portal to his homeworld to what I just listed. It’s also hilarious how much each iteration of He-Man TRIES to make him intimidating and evil, but then quickly falls into the trap of making him goofy and ineffectual. Ah, Skeletor.

And as you can see, I preferred the 2002 figure’s Havoc Staff to the one the MOTUC toy came with.

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