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Hey Guys,

As promised to you, in my last posting.  I would give you an update behind Chronicles of the Dead, the online Zombie Apocalypse web series that utilizes the found footage genre that I love.  Through their Facebook updates and uploads, the second part was promised to be bigger and better.  Take a look and then join me after the job to give you my thoughts.

The makers of the film definitely put some more love and care into part two.  We open up at a party that helps establish why people would be filming themselves thus leading to the found footage aspect.  Overall, I was pretty impressed, although I found some of the scenes to drag on a little bit especially the opening party scene and some of the transition scenes as our heroes and heroines try to avoid the undead.  A few times, I found myself shaking my head at the actions of the group but then I remember, I would probably just curl up and cry if the apocalypse broke out right now.

Like any good zombie movie, you’re left wondering what caused the outbreak to begin with and in the opening scenes you get a little insight as to what has caused the outbreak or at least find out if this was chemical, biological or something other worldly.

If I was to critique the movie, it would be that the found footage took away from the story.  The shaky cam bothered me because I felt like I was missing out on some things which would have been great to see.  I hope in part 3 they find some footage of someone using a Steadicam.  But I loved this new offering and I look forward to the next installment.

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