Life in Plastic: OBSCURE TOYLINES YOU SHOULD LIKE: Gorewads and Universe of Violence

Universe of Violence
Happy February!  Maybe you’ve noticed that I tend to promote a specific pair of indy toymakers in the news posts – well, I guess that makes it time to talk about them, doesn’t it?

Eric Nilla Production’s Store

Ironhaus Productions Blog

Eric Nilla and Ironmask are two very awesome people who happen to be fans of the minifigures many of us grew up with – MUSCLE Battle Beasts, Garbage Pail Kids, Monster in my Pocket, and so on.  They’ve individually dabbled in making indy toys for a while (most notably, Eric Nilla has been on a quest to produce the unproduced GPK figures as customs), but in 2012 they both branched out to make an actual, cohesive toy line.

Ironmask designs Gorewads, tiny little 1″ figures with a generally cohesive shape and theme – they’re shaped like board game pieces, and they are (usually) disturbing.  Hobo head with a monster coming out of the neck?  Jellyfish mummy?  hammerhead shark ripping himself open?  The most evil peanut in the universe?  That’s Gorewads for ya.  They’re sold in packs of three, though this might change.

Hobo Head

Eric Nilla designs Universe of Violence, a series of MUSCLE-sized monstrosities.  His mascot character, Eyeklops, is a tentacled cyclops.  Brute looks like some sort of Frankenstein mutant.  Deadface appears to be wearing somebody’s face.  Big Arm is, well… yeah.  They are sold in packs of two or one, depending on whether it’s two regular/small figures, or one giant-sized “Boss” figure, who might come with accessories or companion Gorewads.
Big Arm

There’s plenty of crossover as well – there are two mini Gorewad Blemmyae monsters to accompany the Universe of Violence Blemmyae Warrior, Deadface was soon joined by Deadface Junior, and the Diet Hell Turtle Gorewad now has a friend in Hell Turtle, the biggest Universe of Violence figure produced yet.

Hell Turtle Vs. Koopa

Up until YESTERDAY, everything has been available in the store.  But now?  As of today, they’re moving to rotating their released – their old stuff is only going to be available on special occasions or by request (maybe), but each month the catalogue will increase.  And for this month, it’s Elephunt, a warrior reminiscent of Big Van Vader.  He’s got a removable helmet, which is pretty surprising for a small toy like this!  Go over HERE to get a preview of the guy.

The rubber they use is good – really bouncy, pretty durable, and holds detail well.  For indy toys, the price is insanely reasonable, especially when you realize how much of the cost two guys in their garage have to eat if they want to make toys withouit a Chinese factory contract.  These are honestly the types of things I wish I could find in stores.

And no, they haven’t been paying me to shill them – I really like the two guys, and I REALLY love their work, and more people need to know about it!

So hey, how’s about a gallery?

Hell Turtle BrothersHell Turtle Brothers's Shells

Hell Turtle and Diet Hell Turtle, front and back

Hammerguts the Gorewad Jellyfish Mummy
Hammerguts and Jellyfish Mummy

EyeklopsThe Brute

Eyeklops and Brute

Baby BlemmyaeBaby Blemmyae

All Three Blemmyae

Deadface JuniorCedargief
Both Deadfaces and Cedargief


Petra and Migrainizer

It’s a two-man show, so feel free to give these guys your business! Honestly, seeing their stuff is like being a little kid again, buying MUSCLEs, and that’s one of the biggest compliments I could ever give.

Gorewads Behind Bars

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