Figure Photo of the Day: Yojimbo; Aeon For Hire

Yojimbo, Aeon For Hire

Yojimbo: Aeon For Hire, by Ridureyu

Instead of using Odin as the instantly-kill-everything summoned monster, FInal Fantasy X introduces a more Japanese-flavored character, Yojimbo. Yojimbo is unique among Yuna’s Aeon summons in that you have to hire him and fork over cash for each attack. What he does and how hard he hits is mostly random, but dependant on how much you pay him. Notably, this means that if you can convince Yojimbo to use his instant-kill move, the Zanmato, it can wipe out ANYTHING, up to and including the final boss and bonus superbosses. You just have to figure out how much the hit will cost you.

Yojimbo means “Bodyguard,” and his Shisa lion-dog is named Daigoro.

The figure is a statuette from Final Fantasy Master Creatures, and is very fragile.

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