Breaking News: Marvel’s Plans for Avengers 3 leaked

Ok, I don’t know how they keep doing it, but Latino Review have gotten a MASSIVE scoop on possible films after Avengers 2, that is coming out in 2015, and the planned Phase 3 films. This is so big I’m not going to even show you a picture until after the jump. As always, take this with a BIG pinch of salt.


Marvel are doing Planet HULK and World War HULK!

If you don’t know the comic story lines, what happens is that a cabal of the world most powerful superheroes (who call themselves the Illuminati and are composed of some quite recognizable marvel heroes like Iron Man and Reed Richards of  the Fantastic 4) shoot the HULK into space, provisionally for his “own good” and the good of Earth, which never knows when it may suffer under the next Hulk attack (unlike the Avengers film, Bruce Banner has little to no control over his Hulk persona, who normally causes untold damage before he turns back into Bruce Banner).

Hulk crashes on a planet where his unceasing rage and super strength allow him to live the life he always wanted, going on John Carter/Conan esk adventures and eventually becoming the leader of the world, with wife and son. Then his wife is killed by the same shuttle that brought Hulk to the planet exploding.

Angry beyond belief and with an entire army behind him, Hulk sets out to destroy those that sent him there.

Now, if that sounds great realise that the person acting as Hulk/Bruce Banner will be an critically acclaimed actor and all round nice guy.

Meanwhile DC can’t decide if they even want to make a Justice League film. Sigh

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