I dare Say Geek, you Look Haber-Dashing!

Dave has done it again! His Game of Throne-Inspired Jerseys are Back. This time he’s proudly featuring House Baratheon and the Starks (although the Stark’s Dire wolf has been redesigned)

Game Of Throne Jerseys 2013 Dave Delisle davesgeekyhockey.com

I must confess that I have 2 of Dave’s Jersey’s already. The Doctor Who  Original, and a Brown-coat’s Jersey.  While they will set you back 95$ the quality is definitely there to make it worth your while.


I met Adam Baldwin while wearing the Jersey and being a big Hockey fan he seemed moderately impressed with it, even though my brain turned to mush and I lost the ability to speak in comprehensive sentences, He was still a gentleman. but I digress.

You can get the jerseys here


and feel free to check out Dave’s Geeky Hockey  site to see what new Idea’s he’s coming up with.


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