Life in Plastic: Toy News Roundup For 02/04/2013


Well, it’s been a pretty busy week, with some ups, some downs, and THE 49ERS LOST WHY OH WHY AM I BEING PUNISHED FOR MY SIN?!?!?!?!?!.  But anyway, next week is going to be pretty big, what with NYCC and all, so apologies if today seems scarce.

*Those people I keep plugging just released a new figure!  Get it HERE.

*Mattel launched a new franchise: Max Steel, guaranteed to flop and disappear before you know it!  HERE

*We’re finally going to get Azog from The Hobbit, only four months after we got his son-who-did-not-appear-in-the-movie!  HERE

*Well, Bebop and Rocksteady look awesome.  No sarcasm from me!  HERE

*Man of Steel Movie Masters look marginally better than their non-Movie Masters toys.  Which isn’t saying much.  HERE

*Hot Toys has just previewed their brand-new “Power Pose” line.  No idea what it is, but I already know I can’t afford it! HERE

*The LA Times has revealed VAMPIRE BATMAN.  S0, he’s the Bat-Batman, now! HERE

*Archer’s got toys! HERE

*Holy Long-Overdue Toys, Batman! HERE

*For $10,000, you can buy a perfect replica of Orcrist that functions very well as a real sword.  HERE

*Factory Entertainment is also producing Game of Thrones merchandise, including throw pillows.  Throw pillows, people.  HERE

*NECA has revealed its plans for Pacific Rim (which everybody wants), and After Earth (which nobody wants).  HERE

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