Figure Photo of the Day: Sha Wujing

Sha Wujing

Sha Wujing, by Ridureyu

Wielder of the Monk’s Spade, Sha Wujing (“Friar Sand” or “Sandy” in most english translations) is one of Xuanzang’s disciples in the classic Journey to the West. You may know this story as the one where the Monkey King is an ass to absolutely everybody for like half of the story, but then becomes part of an ensemble cast of ancient chinese superheroes. Including a shapeshifting pig. Parts of it randomly got adapted into Dragon Ball.

ANYWAY… Sha Wujing was originally a general in heaven before he destroyed a valuable vase in a fit of anger, and was punished when the celestial powers turned him into a monster, and then sent magic swords to stab him every day. Sha Wujing soon learned that the swords couldn’t reach him if he were under water, so he set up shop in a river, and turned to a life of killing and eating travelers. Notably, his necklace of nine skulls came from a group of monks he waylaid – and when bored, he’d play with them a bit, juggle them, bowl with them, or whatever it is that crazy monsters do. After a fight with the shapeshifting pig, Sha Wujing chose to help the heroes of the story in order to earn his redemption, which he does by the end. Despite his monstrous history, Sha Wujing is actually the most polite and logical of the group, only very rarely squabbling. He doesn’t do as much in the story as the others, but his coolheaded personality helps hold the team together.

This happens to be a Demon’s Chronicle figure – VOlume IV was made up of the Journey to the West characters, the four elemental gods, and a few other creatures like the Qilin. I only ever saw any for sale once, and picked up a few – they also had a metal-colored paint variant, and two of the figures I have are that, sadly.

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