Figure Photo of the Day: Gatanozoa


Gatanozoa, by Ridureyu

Ultraman fought one of H. P. Lovecraft’s elder gods.

Gatanozoa, the ancient, immortal Emperor of Darkness, is based on Ghatanotha, spawn of Cthulhu. In Ultraman Tiga, Gatanozoa is an ancient evil that once destroyed an entire pre-human race, and intends to do the same to humanity. At no point does he talk or communicate, he merely appears like an impersonal force of nature as he covers the earth in a shroud of darkness and madness. He easily defeats Ultraman Tiga on their first encounter, and turns him to stone. In the end, it takes the silly cop-out of all the world’s children believing in Ultraman to bring him back and supercharge him with the Power of Light, which is finally enough to defeat Gatanozoa.

Gatanozoa is different from most rubber-suited monsters – his essentially inhuman shape means that he doesn’t fight normally, he instead extends his multiple tentacles and claws for melee fighting, and uses his petrifying beam to finish opponents. He can also spread the aforementioned darkness, and seems essentially invincible up until the very end.

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