Frame by Frame A Nerditis Comic review. Earth 2 #9

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Earth 2 #9

For those of you who don’t know Earth 2 is a new take on the classic JSA storyline.  Originally these heroes (Alan Scott’s Green Lantern, Jay Garrick’s Flash, Wesley Dodds’s Sandman) exhisted on a completely different planet from the one inhabited by our favorite heroes, although in later years they had just been relegated to the Original team who had been active during WW2. The Granddaddies and Mommies of the modern day Superhero. With the latest reboot the JSA was reinvented, sort of. Earth 2 exists again, and there is no time difference. We are being introduced to the individuals who might one day form the JSA. However this seems a long way off. There is going to need to be a lot of character development before we get to that point. Now on with the review. I was eager to get back to our heroes after last month’s issue, featuring Steppenwolfe and Fury (2 characters who promise to cause big problems for our cast of do-gooders)


The issue opens with Hawk-girl handling a rocket launcher while engaging in a conversation with the man who would be Doctor Fate. She is trying to convince him that he needs to take a more proactive role in the upcoming events which are destined to shape the earth. Kahlid (our reluctant Fate) states clearly that while he doesn’t mind helping out the other by steering them in the right direction occasionally, he is not willing to Don the Helm of Nabu (Doctor Fates Helmet) as he doesn’t like his consciousness being subjugated to background noise while the spirit that dwells within the Helm commanders his body.  Also using magic tends to fragment his sanity, a process he is far from comfortable with.  There is a little more small talk concerning how arrogant  Hawk-girl thinks  Green Lantern is, and the conversation end with her squeezing the trigger of the rocket launcher while aimed at a manikin wearing a Green Lantern tee shirt. That pretty much defines the love lost in their relationship.  Reluctantly Kahlid teleports to Michigan to check up on Jay Garrick (the Falsh) as he is destined to be very important during the upcoming chaos.

Jay has gone home to check up on his mother. Way back in the event s of the first story arc (when Jay got his powers) Jay went off bravely to face the big bad guy who threatened earth’s survival. Now it’s a month later, and although he is convinced his mom probably hasn’t even realized he wasn’t around due to the exciting new circumstances in his life he feels it would probably be a good idea to check up on her anyways. To his surprise she was very concerned about his disappearance. After a brief welcome home, She informs Jay that a young man with white hair and old eyes came by to see if he had been around he had found his cell phone she also tells him that This man Dodds said that he was clearly implicated in the events of DC. That he was the Flash. Realizing the danger he has just put his mother in and that he could no longer stay there as they were probably being watched but before he can relay this information to his mother, The Atom (Al Pratt) Having grown to an enormous size rips open the house to try and catch Jay unprepared.


Jay makes short work of these agents unable to match his speed he dances around them throwing punches freely. Until  Dodds steps in, realizing this isn’t going to plan he turns to sand and re appears behind Jay’s mom seizing her. Using some dirty tactics he tells Jay that if he surrenders now his Mom wont be charged in aiding and abetting. And whether or not she did anything wrong she would be in jail until the courts sorted it out. This is way our sorcerer steps up. Though not in a way we might expect. Picking up a shattered 2×4 from the wreckage of the house, he clubs Dodds across the back of the head. Taking advantage of the distraction Jay jumps into action grabs his Mom and the new stranger and starts running. Khalid starts to introduce himself as the three disappear mysteriously leaving the field agents stunned.


We find our trio in a gray realm.  Khalid continues with his introduction and his explanation as to what happened. They were abducted through magical mean, and as if interrupting  for dramatic effect the kidnapper shows himself. His name is Wotan and his goal is to get the Helm of Nabu from Khalid.

This issue showed good character development, and advanced the story by bringing characters together. There are 2 factions growing in this book. One under the wing of the government and the other, looking to be more free-styled vigilante. That being said I am enjoying this book immensely and have found myself eagerly anticipating its arrival in my pull box every month.

If you enjoyed my description then give the book a chance, because I know I didn’t do it justice.

Buy the book and support your local Comic shop!

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