Figure Photo of the Day: Durin’s Bane

Durin's Bane

Durin’s Bane, by Ridureyu

One of the last of the Balrogs, the demon known as Durin’s Bane slept for unknown centuries deep beneath the earth, secure until the Dwarves, led by Durin VI, dug too deeply and woke it up. The Balrog killed Durin, hence its name.

It remained in the Mines of Moria for another untold number of centuries before the Fellowship of the Ring had a run-in with it, resulting in both its destruction and the (temporary) death of Gandalf. But I’m sure you know that already! I’m sure you also know how many times I have used pieces from this set in my photos.

Ya know, I’ve gotta wonder. Just what DID that Balrog do to stave off boredom all that time? Cheat at Solitaire?

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