Life In Plastic: TOY FAIR 2013 SPECIAL (part 1)


Click on this picture for full size.

Hey, guys!  TOY FAIR is going on, and that means NEWS!!!! So expect lots of news here, from me, as I absorb it secondhand (since I’m not there)!  Today’s news has a ton of links from Toy News International, though I swear I’m looking at more than one news source.

*Well, first off, several of mattel’s upcoming Masters of the Universe Classics figures got leaked ahead of time?  See that picture up there?  CLICK IT.  We’ve got Mantenna (is that 100% new tooling?), New Adventures He-Man (Will we get a matching Skeletor), Castaspella (Girls have cooties), Shokoti (I want her cooties), Batros (From the cartoon), and Icer (also from the cartoon).  Lots of Filmation stuff coming up!  Also, there are a few prototype teaser shots of the upcoming Castle Grayskull!

*I will continue to resist Skylander’s siren call, but look at the new Swap Force set! HERE

*The Axe Cop Figures are guaranteed to be the BEST TOYS EVER.  HERE

*Hot Toys has previewed a Storm Shadow that you will never be able to afford. HERE

*Mezco’s coming out with more  Universal Monsters. HERE

*Even though the new cartoon failed, there will be a 14″ Cheetara, just in case you never want to have a real woman in your house. HERE

*Look! Breaking Bad Figures!  I wonder if they’ll come with meth… HERE

*Monopoly has replaced the Iron with a Cat!  My cat is unimpressed. HERE

*Team Fortress 2 is getting new toys!  Lots of toys!: HERE

*3 3/4″ Mars Attacks toys will kill GI Joe!  HERE

*And finally, Barbie’s put her dream house up for sale!  I guess the economy is rougher than we thought… HERE

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