Figure Photo of the Day: Hedorah, The Smog Monster

Hedorah, the Smog Monster

Hedorah, The Smog Monster, by Ridureyu

Despite all its weird hippy trippiness (or perhaps because of it), I really love Godzilla Vs. Hedorah. And the titular smog monster is one of my favorite Kaiju ever! He’s made of poison, can change shape, and klills anything that comes near him, yet he can still be wrestled to death by the big G.

TRIVIA: The Hedorah suit weighed over 350 lbs, and actor/stuntman Kenpachi Satsuma was the only man who could reasonably act in it. During filming, he came down with an awful case of appendicitis, and they could not remove the suit in time, so the poor guy was operated on while still half in his Hedorah costume! The experience taught him that pain killers have no effect on him, the poor guy. He went on to play first Gigan and then Godzilla in the 1980s-’90s films. While filming Godzilla vs. Destoroyah, the LEDs in Godzilla’s “meltdown” suit would make it so hot that he passed out all the time during filming, only people couldn’ty tell because he would just slump, since the suit couldn’t fall over easily. He also got electrocuted a lot from the power cable running through the G-Suit’s tail, especially in all the water scenes. Kenpachi Satsuma retired after that movie, and I do not blame him. The man deserves a medal.

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