THIS “OHHH HELL YEAH MOMENT” BROUGHT TO YOU BY THE Young Romance Valentine’s day Special


Spoiler Alert! Spoiler Alert! You’ve been Warned.

So as the cover insinuates Clark and Diana are moving along in their relationship together. I’m not saying Superman has changed his Facebook status or anything yet but it does look like it’s starting to get serious. Out on a date they decide to go to a restaurant  Diana’s cousin recommended.  Ahem Diana’s Cousin Eros (yes that Eros) The  Hell yeah moment begins when the band starts singing and Eros makes his appearance.


Eros? I said to myself blinking confusedly at the page why? why are you carrying hand guns. Then it occurred to me, HE UPGRADED! oh hell yeah. No more arrows for this Demi-god.


and I was right. totally awesome way to bring to Greek pantheon into the 21st century there boys and girls at DC comics Bravo!

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