Figure Photo of the Day: Icingdeath


Icingdeath, by Ridureyu

Icingdeath was the white dragon from R. A. Salvatore’s books – Wulfgar the barbarian, I think with help from Driz’zt the drow, defeated him.

The Icingdeath (gargantuan) miniature was made by Dungeons & Dragons minis.

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3 responses to “Figure Photo of the Day: Icingdeath

  1. Yup it was Wulfgar that helped slay Icingdeath. It’s also where found his frostbrand sword.

    By the way, what’s with the new format ? I must say, it is not as friendly to read as before. The photos are condensed and if you are not immediately interested in something in the short text provided, I find I just move on. Hope this is not the trend……….

    • Hi Yokozuna. We’re just testing out a few new things on the site at the moment, such as this theme and mostly behind the scenes stuff.

      There will be a proper post on it in a few days, but for now its safe to say we are just experimenting and any feedback would be appreciated.


  2. I must agree with Yokozuna’s opinion of the site’s new look. It looks squished; as though it was meant to be read only on a tablet.

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