More trying times in store for Oliver Queen in Arrow? Damn I hope so


2 new teaser posters have been released for the CW’s Arrow and while I have been enjoying the show completely, I find them somewhat lack luster.


The first features a tag line -Those closest to you can hurt you the most- which is pretty damn evident to anyone whose been watching the show as Oliver’s family is about as clean as a pen of pigs after a rain storm. This poster was released after filming episode 18 so look for a shake up there.

The second’s tag line is – Mess with his friends and he may snap – sadly less than inspiring.

Olie has already killed to protect his identity; is he going to kill out of anger now, rather than being cold and methodical about it?

So it looks like there are more trouble in store for our Arrow. And good, because I probably would not watch a show about an obnoxious rich guy drinking tea all day.

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