Frame by Frame. A Nerditis Comic Review The Uncanny X-Men #1


Marvel Comics

So before I can delve into The Uncanny X-Men #1 I need to make sure you the reader is aware of certain things. Namely the whole A vs X cross over from last year, that was the crisis which has lead our Heroes to this point. So if your planning on reading the Collected Avengers versus X-Men let this be your warning Spoilers ahead!

The premise of A vs X was that the Phoenix force (yeah the Jean Grey one) had been reborn and was working it’s way across this universe trying to find a suitable host destroying planets and galaxies along the way. (The Phoenix force doesn’t take disappointment very well apparently)  In an attempt to destroy the Force Iron Man accidentally Splits it into 5 Parts, Which are absorbed into 5 mutants. Magik, Colossus, Namor, Emma Frost, and Cyclops.


One by one they are defeated until only Cyclops is left now with the entire force coursing through his veins. Fool-heartedly Professor Xavier steps up believing he can either still reason with Scott or if need be shut his brain off. Needless to say Scott didn’t take kindly to his attempt and killed his one time mentor. The story concludes with the power of the Phoenix force being disperse across the earth as fuel the re-kindle the flame of the Dying mutant race, and Cyclops has become Public enemy #1.

After a brief stint in jail Cyclops escapes and we find ourselves here this juncture. On a side note when the Phoenix force was torn from the bodies of its hosts it also mangled the Mutant abilities.

The Uncanny X-Men #1 The New Revolution


The scene opens with Director Maria Hill of SHIELD marching through an under-ground interrogation bunker. Apparently some one has surrendered themselves to the organization, but they would only talk to her. Once in the cell the mystery guest volunteers that he chose to speak to her specifically because of her professionalism and he believes her not to have any personal animosity against the Mutant species. And then he regurgitates a button much to the panic of the guards outside the cell. Pressing the button a holographic map appears above their heads, featuring red dots over each continent, a lot of red dots. The captive assures Director Hill that his intel is “solid” and that each one of those red dots is a New mutant whose powers have just manifested but that shouldn’t be her concern. She should be concerned with one Mutant, Scott Summers the self appointed face of the new mutant revolution and despite what the authorities might think the people on the street love him as a voice of hope and strength for people who don’t have any. The problem lies in the fact that the people don’t know him they don’t know that he is a monster and that his powers where broken during the fiasco with the Phoenix force and that the face of the revolution is a cripple. Just look at what happened in San Diego yesterday.  (Let the flashback begin)

Enter Fabio Medina. He’s having a bad day, at the mall his Mutant abilities manifested while some guy was trying to rob a store. After the Cops arrest him and manhandle him roughly ending with a taser shot Cyclops shows up reminding the officers that the mutant has rights. So after Magneto relieves the officers of their weapons and one of the teams newer members Tempest throws a time bubble over the area to prevent any outside interference.


During his introduction to the poor frightened young man, Magneto turns to Magik to tell that they need to get out of there now. No sooner do the word escape his mouth than the Sentinels attack. Despite being ordered to take the new students back to base everyone stay and fights, now it’s revealed that Magneto’s powers are a shadow of what they once were and using them causes him great pain. Cyclops orders every one to fall back and unleashes his powers in a wild burst. Where he got lucky, he could just as easily killed ever human and mutant there alike, but he was lucky enough to hit what he needed to hit, And destroy a mall in the process then beat a hasty retreat. (Flash back over now back to the cell with our mystery guest.)

Who is now explaining to Director Hill that if she kills Scott straight out he becomes a Martyr and you can’t fight that, he needs to be exposed for the murderous monster he is. Right now he is working on forgiveness, trying to save the Mutant race single handedly.

Finally Fed up, Hill asks straight out “ but what do you want from me, MAGNETO?”


Although Magneto speech is long winded and completely in character I wont repeat it. Essentially what it boils down to is revenge, Revenge for killing his best friend Charles, revenge for robbing him of his birthright, and he’s willing to show the world the Monster that Scott has become.

Ohhh a traitor in the midst.

Overall I liked the issue although I am still having a tough time wrapping my head around the idea the Cyclops has so readily abandoned Xavier’s dream for the Magneto like tactics he railed against for so many years. I do like his new look, it kind of resembles Alex Ross’s take on the X-Men years back. Although I hope that they don’t just have him being played by the Shadow King or Mr. Sinister’s haunting ghost. He believes himself to be completely justified in his actions (much like the Magneto of old) and as such is something of a sympathetic villain, because yes despite the continued persecution of mutants Scott’s actions have rendered him villainous.


Magneto’s new Costume has something of a Onslaught feel to it, leading me to believe that some one is being tempered with mentally.


The art is stylistic and heavy on the inking, not a bad thing just different. The men have square jaws the women’s are round it might take me a couple of issue’s to get used to but it doesn’t detract from the story in anyway..

If you enjoyed my description then give the book a chance, because I know I didn’t do it justice.

Buy the book and support your local Comic shop!

Writer: Brian Michael Bendis
Cover Artist: Chris Bachalo

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