Did I make the title of this post just so I could show a picture of David Bowie. Perhaps.

Hi everyone, I’m Reece. You may have noticed some changes around here of late. Lets explain whats been happening

We figured we best keep everyone in the loop and hopefully explain just why its happened. At the same time, introduce you to all our regular contributors and the staff at Nerditis

First, just so you know, everyone who does anything for this site does it completely on a voluntary basis. Along with the way we are distributed geographically, its why some editing may be off for a while longer than you may expect on more ‘professional’ sites and why some post times may seem odd.

The whole idea of Nerditus was born by Paul Findsen. Inspired by the site Topless Robot, Nerditis is a site about expressing yourself and embracing your passions and we listen to what people have to say. In fact, this very layout was suggested by the very wonderful NullSensical, after we were having problems with the previous layout.

At Nerditis we have a very open policy towards what we include-you want to write it, we’re happy to publish it!

We’ve got a steady stream of regular posts now and we are slowly pulling together an editorial team (for my sins I’m tech support), but we operate on a very laissez-faire basis so if you feel like you can help, as contributor, editor or admin join the facebook page here and let us know!

Nerditis. We’re just starting but lets see where we can go 🙂

The Team

Paul Findsen– Site Admin and Founder
Presides over all and in his spare time writes about so bad they are good films.

ReecemJones– Tech support
As well as the usual nerdy interests of video gaming, films, comics and reading, I’m an avid tabletop gamer and in my spare time I like to research Gothic Architecture, the transformation of society by memes and pre-colonial South American cultures.

Any problems with the site, just let me know by emailing or posting on the Nerditus site 🙂

nullsensical(Katja Eins)– Site Editor
[Author is unavailable for comment, as she is too busy napping].
Katja lends a hand editing the site on tuesday and thursdays and also writes about indie games

Gareth Edwards– Site Editor


Mainly deals with cult films like Black Hole

Hiya, everyone! I’m a friendly hyperactive nerd with an interest in toys, playing with ponies, watching cartoons, baking Food, and anything and everything that looks interesting! No need to shy around me, if you think you’ve found something cool and worth sharing, I’ll give it a look! So long as it isn’t scary…. In which case, just I’ll forward it to someone else….


John Morey aka “Ridureyu” is a freelance writer and editor who has been collecting toys ever since he received his first pack of M.U.S.C.L.E.s on his fourth birthday. He founded the first American site based on Kinnikuman, which became Little Rubber Guys under different ownership. He mostly collects obscure or small-scale toys, but enjoys just about anything. A historian since college, he enjoys using his skills to discover and share a little extra info about any toy he reviews or photographs, making each one just a little bit richer. He has written for and Action Figure Fury, and has been developing his skills as an amateur photographer since last March, and posting the results to his Flickr account. The name “Ridureyu” doesn’t actually mean anything – it was a random set of keystrokes that turned out looking like a name, so he enjoys using it.
On nerditus he writes Figure Photo of the Day and Life in Plastic

A nerd with various interest including RPG, reading, movies, and horsemanship. He writes Waiting for the Doctor and is involved with Nerd Nation

I am the Higgs Bosoff. As many of you might know, I was recently discovered at CERN when the scientists decided to shut everything down and use the supercomputers controlling the LHC to play the biggest Worms multiplayer match ever. I popped out as a special, enemy-wiping weapon right under the Holy Grenade.

I am going to cover mainly topics concerning science, anime, or any combination of the two things. If such unlikely combination were not to exist, I will make it so to make it up anyway.

My name is Canadian Scott or Scott if you prefer. I love movies, particularly horror. Sometimes the best movie you can watch is the one that is the worst! And that is my job, to do that for you.

Not much to say really . I’ve got loads of Ideas, talent….. not so much , but I’m working on it.

I am a person.A neutrois, asexual, sarcastic, fandom-wary, music crazed, bookaholic, chocoholic, not confident, self-deprecated person. Also certainly quite nerdy but that tends to reveal itself naturally.

4 responses to “Ch-Ch-Changes

  1. What were the problems with the previous site layout? I much preferred it. This one is almost horizontally claustrophobic.

    • Hi Kegs.

      I was hard to make anything useful, such as add things to the site and you couldn’t format things that well. Whilst this theme isn’t perfect it allows a bit more freedom.

      • ok, good to know. While it isn’t the best, you did provide Bowie. All is good. (Now that you know my Achilles heel I can no longer plot to face off against you in the thunderdome!)

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