Marvel Movie News

Let’s start off with the Rumor!


            Jason Momoa is in the running to play Drax the Destroyer in the Guardian of the Galaxies movie. Shave Conan bald and paint him green with a tribal tattoo across his arm  and this would totally work!  Drax in the comics at least was a human re-born after a brief and less than friendly encounter with Thanos, now his sole reason for existing is to Destroy Thanos. This role was  pretty much made for Momao, come on Marvel get this done!


            A lot of hype is surrounding  Bryan Singer’s “Days of future Past” and rightfully so in my mind. He’s the man you revolutionized the Comic book movie, Making our favorite heroes more than just rejects from a spandex factory. And once again he’s proving he knows how to do things right.

If you were wondering how X-men first Class’s continuity was going to be reconciled with the original trilogies. Well, the next movie is going to handle that for us,which in turn will lead to a proper reboot of the franchise. One that is explained in the movies not just because of  Movie studios practices.


Peter Dinklage, yes! our reason for watching  Games of Thrones has accepted  a role in the new X-men movie as well. He is set to play Bolivar Trask. The creator of the Sentinel program. (according to a reliable source at least) He’s set to be the main Antagonist but not the movies Main Bad guy.

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