Figure Photo of the Day: Granamyr (15)


Granamyr (15), by Matthew K

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(Editor’s Note/Explanation/Description)

Granamyr is one of the most memorable non-toy characters in He-Man – the second-oldest creature in the universe, he was a dragon of immense power and ability who had little time for humans. He-Man and Teela sought him out to reverse a particularly powerful spell of Skeletor’s, but soon found him very hard to bargain with,

“Granamyr does not fight humans, Granamyr wins.”

This guy effortlessly trounced He-Man’s own power just with mere conversation! His voice was also fantastic, easily on par with some of the best acting we’ve had in recent, “good” cartoons. For this reason, Granamyr became a pretty popular returning character, even crossing over to She-Ra once. Last Year’s MOTUC figure was really expensive, but also huge and a fitting tribute to the character.

Goofy helmet and all.

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