Life In Plastic: Figure Photo of the Day is OPEN FOR SUBMISSIONS!

Sam and Summer
“Sam And Summer” – The first photo submitted to Figure Photo of the Day!


Okay, dialing it down a bit… Figure Photo of the Day, which for the first month was filled with photos taken by me, is now open to reader submissions. No, this does not mean that I am through with toy photography, only that I’m not a narcissist.  And look, my photos?  I upload them to flickr almost daily.  Some stuff will still trickle onto here, anyway.

And honestly, plenty of you guys are much better at it than I could be. Take a look at the gallery at the end of this article, but first…


1. The photo must be submitted to the group. There are two ways to do this:

-Through the Flickr Group set up for just this purpose

-Via e-mail.  Please clearly indicate that your photo is a submission when you send one.

I can’t guarantee that I will post every entry I receive, but I won’t just skip over any, either. Do not be offended if I only post one photo out of a bunch that you submitted! Remember, people’s tastes are different.

2. The photo must be toy-related. This can mean:
-Action figures
-Roleplaying miniatures
-Game pieces
-Prop replicas
-And other similar things. You can use your imagination.

3. If you submit the image on flickr, please allow embedded linking. This saves me on bandwidth and storage space.

4. The photo has to be good. “Good” varies, but by that, I mean it needs to be at least somewhat clear. Look at the stuff on this site, and you’ll understand.

5. A title and description aren’t required, but they will make me want to post your stuff more. See, without a title, I kind of have to make up one of my own – and if your picture is labelled, say, DSC300125_PHOTOSHOP_EDIT, I might give it a new title and mention the filename down below. If there is no description, I will put SOME texdt in there, somehow. But please, describe stuff. This will be especially useful if the subject is somewhat obscure.

6. Don’t feel intimidated. Some of the stuff on here is going to look INSANELY AWESOME, but that doesn’t mean I won’t post your stuff, either! We’re in it to have fun and celebrate toys.

Well, with that out of the way, let’s have a look at some sample photos from a few really talented toy photographers!  Note the titles before each photo, and click on the links to see their work!

Ed Speir IV

 Masters of the Universe Classics - Castle Grayskullman

Matthew K

1/6th Shooter
Captain America - Avenge

Stan Winston The Day The World Ended Visitor action figure

Lites In Thee Sky
Vegnagun from FINAL FANTASY X-2

How the Gods Kill

Wentworth Miller Action Figure

Poe Ghostal

Of course, it was Poe Ghostal’s Pic of the Day feature that inspired this to begin with, so I’m glad to feature one of his photos here.  Feel free to send him your stuff, too!

Submit Your Photos On Flickr Or By E-mail

Why Figure Photos of the Day?

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