Nerd House Rocks: Guest Blog- Super Cute Voices

This Wales based new wave band make songs inspired by trashy pop culture.LETS NEW WAVE!

Pop is in this weird place at the moment. If you were to look on any music chart, it seems the same names and faces keep popping up and won’t be going away for some time soon. Yet if you dig below the surface there is a wealth of diversity and exciting music just waiting to leap out at you. This is most defiantly the case for Wales Super Cute Voices. A 3 piece new wave band, they sound a bit like a modern Devo crossed with The Residents.

To say their dedication to their craft is an understatement. Take their music video KaTING! , which you can tell was actually shot on an old camera rather than digitally recorded and degraded later.

Fronted by Stuart, with Pixie on synths and Jack on bass, they sing about a of myriad topics, from fan service to their school days, with rarely a song going by that doesn’t explode with energy or have a lovely punk sneer to it, such as on ‘Owch, what do you do?’. Their live shows are pretty wild as well, with plenty of swagger to go with their choreographed moves.

Here is a link to their Soundcloud page, where they’ve put up all of their current recordings to data. Though they don’t tour much, if you are in the Mid Wales area, check them out.

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