Yes I am A PRO AQUAMAN supporter. A Nerditis rebuttal to anti Aquaman Rant.


I felt the need to write this as a rebuttal to Owen Good’s Article over on Concerning his dislike of Aquaman. I realize he is probably just trolling, and perpetuating the stereotype of Aquaman being the “Rodney Dangerfield” of the DCU  is an easy way to get the Natives restless, because when it comes to Aquaman you fall into 2 camps. Love him, or Hate him. It’s been argued that some people just don’t care but I don’t believe that, those people usually have no real knowledge of the character. Once introduced to him, !bang! into one of the 2 camps.


The Introduction to Aquaman is the most important element to deciding the Camp you’ll fall into. Were you introduced through the Super-Friends? That disgraceful Hana-Barbara disaster of the 70’s and early 80’s or did you meet him during Peter David’s Run in the 90’s.  The stereotype that he often gets saddled with is the Hana-Barbara legacy, where he was merely a plot instrument to allow Batman, Superman or WonderWoman show how amazingly powerful or clever they were. Doing an amazing disservice to the character in the process.Image

If you haven’t guessed it by now, I am an Aquaman Fan, and I say this proudly with my head held high. I will be honest with you fair reader, I am only loosely familiar with the Golden and Silver Age storylines of my favorite hero. So I am not going to talk about what was. I am going to talk about what is.

I am tired of the Super-friend Aquaman being the constant referral point that all the HATERS slide to when they feel the need to berate him. Yes he rode a Sea-Doo in that cartoon, which must have been incredibly supped-up with Alien technology considering he swims at 175 mph with out the aid of any technology. Last time I checked Bombardier didn’t make any Sea-Doo’s that could travel faster than that, or anywhere near that speed for that matter. It’s clear in our Adult minds that his ride was merely for marketing purposes and at the time they weren’t as commonplace as today so it was cool, nowhere near as emasculating as seen through 2013 eyes.aquanew

Complaints about his color coordination are also unfounded. At the bottom of the Ocean I would imagine that wearing green and orange would camouflage you pretty well , you know it being so dark down there!

The comparison to Namor does not fly in my books either. Namor, the Speedo wearing anti-hero yes there is a visual I didn’t need thank you. Aquaman was created to fight the threat of German Sub-marines in WW2, he is an under-water hero. Why should he fly like Namor? The addition of extra non-water based powers doesn’t make any sense in relation to his purpose. Namor and Aquaman both share abilities that any creature living on the ocean’s floor would require. Incredible durability effectively bullet proof, resistance to cold, increased strength to deal with weight of all that water on top of them. The ability to move un-encumbered through water as though it was air at those depths would translate into super strength, speed and reflexes on terra firma. On top of all that, he’s a telepath with the ability to command sea creatures, not talk to them,  as most fish don’t have the brainpower to communicate in that fashion. He commands them like any good King of the seven sea’s should. The only thing that Namor has that Aquaman doesn’t is a Bi-polar disorder. And yet Namor is revered as cool while Aquaman get relegated to joke status, just another case of nice guys, finishing last.


Imagine a world where you are defined as a person by who you were in high school. For the rest of your life no matter what you do with it. You will always just be that kid from high school. I can guarantee you that to most of us that would be a scary prospect. It wouldn’t matter if you cured cancer or were the first person to land on mars, the entire world still saw you as the insecure, snot nosed punk from high School. It really wouldn’t be fair would it. When ever someone brings up Super-friends Aquaman, that is exactly what they are doing to the character. There have been so many amazing runs involving him since those days.  Peter David, Dan Abnett and Andy Lanning, and Geoff John have taken the character in bold new directions over the past 25 years, while other authors such as Grant Morrison wrote him phenomenally well during his tenure on the JLA. It’s time for you haters to see Aquaman as the character he has grown into, rather than the guy you remember from your youth who might have been awkward and comical.



I would have you know that I will gladly play Aquaman in the new Fighting game “Injustice Gods among us” because over-all, he’s 360 degree’s of awesome! So show some respect, otherwise he might just throw a Polar Bear at you.


This is an editorial and represent my views not the views of the entire nerditis crew.


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17 responses to “Yes I am A PRO AQUAMAN supporter. A Nerditis rebuttal to anti Aquaman Rant.

  1. Could it be the blond hair and the blue eyes ? I struggle to think of any popular male super heros that have those characteristics. Coincidence ?

    • Steve (Captain America) Rogers. Barry (Flash) Allen. Warren (Angel) Worthington. Adam (Adam Strange) Strange. OK, I admit that last one is a bit weird to write that way. Alan (Green Lantern) Scott. Sam (Cannonball) Guthrie.

      There are plenty of Blonde / Blue Eyed heroes out there, and some of them are headliners.

  2. Very true ! I guess I should have put more thought into it, considering my favorite super hero is Iron Fist ; ) Really don’t know why Aquaman doesn’t get the following Namor does. Could it really be the suit ?

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  4. My theory has always been because he has to stand next to Superman and Batman. If Namor had to do that he wouldn’t look so smug. Also, outside of comic fandom, most people don’t know who Namor is … but they still know Aquaman.

    • I like your Theory. I fact I like it so much I shall now claim it as my own whahahaha. I don’t see Namor having the same type of exposure that Aquaman has had over the years. He’s always been a background character making quick appearances here and there but never lasting long anywhere on his own.
      Don’t worry I’ll give you credit for your theory although I might expand it a little

  5. I was just conntacting my coworker about this today at Outback steak house. Don’t remember how in the world we landed on the topic to put it accurately, they brought it up. I do recall eating a excellent fruit salad with cranberries on it. I digress

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  11. “Namor and Aquaman both share abilities that any creature living on the ocean’s floor would require. Incredible durability effectively bullet proof,” Someone seems to be under the misapprehension that deep sea creatures are bulletproof.

      • Of course, what has happened has nothing to do with a logical extrapolation of deep sea durability, but rather writers changing Aquaman to make him interesting and valid in the dangerous world of air-breathers (humans.) Aquaman was so solidly outclassed by his contemporaries, that if he was going to continue to be written and read by an increasingly critical and cynical reading public, some new abilities had to be invented for him. Abilities that have nothing to do with the deep sea.

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