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After watching the episode yesterday, I am seriously struggling whenever I try to recall its most significant moments – most likely because there weren’t any.

By now, I have no doubt that Maoyuu Maou Yuusha is a bad series; I have to admit, though, it’s a new kind of bad for me. It’s not bad because it has an inconsistent plot – the plot is simply not thick enough to have inconsistencies. It’s not bad because it makes use of annoying or irritating clichés, bad plot devices, fanservice, or whatever. Each of these things is present, but in very mild quantities, not enough to irritate me, not enough to satisfy those who crave for them. This series is bad in that, in Dante Alighieri’s words, it truly is “without infamy and without praise”. Dante used those words to refer to the souls of those who lived without ever doing evil, but without ever making a stand for good as well –and those souls, he placed in Hell together with the actual sinners.

The extent to which this episode bored me is unbelievable. The entire cold opening focuses on a child maid trying to pour tea in a cup, and from there, it doesn’t get much more exciting than that. Everything is lifeless, plain. Hero smiles as he brings the Merchant around the Demon World, as if it was the most natural thing ever. They have dinner and start commenting on demon girls’ boobs. Oh, the benefits of cultural exchange. Demon King has to confront a trial of some sort in the tomb of her predecessors. She asks the Head Maid to kill her if something were to happen to her – and yet, there is not a sliver of emotion or tension in the execution of the scene. People teleports around, meets demons, enters dangerous ancestral tombs, swears eternal loyalty, and all is so detached I can’t really care about any of these things.

Will our heroine manage to fill the cup to the right height without letting a drop fall on the table? The answer after the opening!

Will our heroine manage to fill the cup to the right height without letting a drop fall on the table? The answer after the opening titles!

Knight swearing loyalty to Hero was an odd moment. She went from slipping in his bed and holding hands with him together with her rival Demon King to giving her loyalty to him as a knight, having renounced to be his as a woman. It may be an interesting bit of character development, if only there was any development. But there’s none. There’s just Knight holding hands in bed with Hero in the previous episode, and then Knight swearing loyalty (and then jumping away all happy after the short ceremony).

"Now go fetch me a shrubbery."

“Now go fetch me a shrubbery.”

All in all, this is a short post. I have little to say about this episode, because this episode had even less. The only sort-of-interesting thing happened at the end – with Totally-not-a-cardinal bringing word that Totally-not-the-Pope has declared the Crimson Scholar an heretic and asks the Winter King to give her up. Hero, the King and Old Man therefore come up with a plan – they’ll give them the Head Maid disguised as Demon King and then Hero will save her once she’s outside of the borders of the realm – since we have already ascertained that Hero is so ridiculously overpowered there’s no questioning he’s going to beat any escort that might be keeping her prisoner. The plan of course seems very safe for everyone – except for the Head Maid, for whom it’s rather dangerous. She seems quite worried and upset with it, in fact. But never mind that, who cares about the young little serf anyway. I, for me hope that the next episode brings at least a little more excitement than these incredibly dull 25 minutes of nothingness.

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