In today’s moment of Heartwarming Nerdity…

… a physicist proposes with an academic paper. All together now-AWWWWWW!

This story comes courtesy of the lovely bogus_wheel over on Reddit

Now apparently the couple are both physicists and in one particularly nerdy but wonderful show of affection, the husband to be proposed in the form of a Academic Paper.

Now, my reaction to this, from what I can understand, is to go ‘Ooh, look at the pretty pictures’ as I’m an idiot. Regardless, its a super cool and super cute effort on the hubbys part and I wish them well. Check out the image below and see if you can figure out what its all about, or you can dive into the reddit thread that spawned it.

Hopefully you can have more luck following the conversation that I did because it turns out that not only am I out of luck understanding physics stuff, but I’m old and don’t understand Reddit either *grumbles about kids on lawns*.

Source: Reddit forums

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