The Network got me…in the form of a crappy internet connection.

Apologies, episode 3 won’t be reviewed tonight.

For some reason, either a problem with my laptop or a problem with Channel 4s various streaming services, but I really can’t get past the 10 minuet mark on the episode.

Considering the content of those first 10 minuets, I really don’t want to spend the next hour rewatching a rather upsetting scene and hoping I can piece together some sort of narrative by snatching a few more minuets if the video will load.

So, I’m going to take the night off and watch episodes 3 and 4 together tomorrow. It will at least give me time to find alternative ways of viewing the show if I can’t watch it through the 4Od website or youtube channel.

So expect two reviews tomorrow.

Again, apologies. For now, feel free to go back and read part one and part two and try accessing the channel. At least I can tell if its just me then.

Let me know in the comments if you can.

See you tomorrow.

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