Titles, Titles come get your titles. I’ve got loads of ’em. An Open letter to DC comics


To start I need to tell you, I am a proud member of the DC nation and have been since I bought my first comic in the 80’s. It was DC comics presents Superman and Dial “H” for Hero #44. You know the one, it’s when Chris misdialed and called up a Villain instead of a Hero and Superman had to lay the smack down on him, yeah that one.

DC comics Presents44_

Well thirty years have passed and while I may have flirted with other publishers from time to time, I’m always happy to come home to you guys.  I know DC has a plethora of characters to choose from when deciding on new books to be printed however I would like to offer a few suggestions for your New 52 line.

Chillin like a Villain.


The Dc Universe has some of the most interesting villains ever to grace a panel in comics. I propose a mini series featuring some of the lesser-known villains. Take Gotham for instance, a city overflowing with super-villains. Well my question is what happened to the original crime families, the” Mob” if you will. Surely they didn’t just pack up and leave town when all these Freaks showed up and started making trouble.

Call It “Gotham Pulp” write it in a film Noir tone and explore, to what extremes they went to try and hold on to power, and introduce the next generation of Suit wearing bad guy who hasn’t cut his own face off.


 Next up The Rogues. I love the group dynamic of these characters. The thing that makes them great is that deep down they are really just looking for the big score, and to humiliate the Flash. I’d call the book “Crime Central” after the scarlet speedsters home town of Central city, It would give you a chance to explore the idiosyncrasies of each of the characters, it could be the Ocean’s 11 of comic books. Planning the next big heist. This book would be added to my pull list so fast that even Barry Allen would only see it as a blurr,


If you happen to feel that there is enough crime in comics, then perhaps a series to cover it all. I have really enjoyed the Channel 52 snippets the last couple of weeks in your books and can’t help but feel that, especially with the group of reporters you’ve assembled, it could be a stand-alone series in its own right.


Lastly I know it’s only a matter of time before this book is resurrected. The Doom Patrol. Mitch Shelley needs to be thrown onto this team; it would be a prefect fit for him.


I really don’t want Mitch to disappear into the void of Comic-less-ness again and I feel he could thrive in a group dynamic.

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