It’s Marvel Movie Monday News. All the News fit to print


There’s a Storm on the Horizon


It looks like Halle Berry is 90% sure that she will be appearing in the new Brian Singer X-Men epic, but it’s still in negotiation so she’s not allowed to discuss it.  Agents heh clearly trying to make sure she gets her bowl of green M&M’s on set daily, well good for her I happen to love Green M&M’s . The green ones make me strong! (No word on Cyclops yet)


Latex begone! Still in the key of X

Jennifer Lawrence must be wonderfully relieved as X-men’s Days of future past Director Brian Singer has decided to do away with all that body paint and those discretionally placed latex scales and offer her a body suit instead. I imagine it will be fun to film again rather than sit in a make up chair for most of the day. In related news make-up artist on the Set of  the New X-men have grown mysteriously depressed.


Well isn’t this Marvel-ous


Remember that leak a couple of weeks back, concerning the potential plot of the 3rd Avenger Movie. Well they were wrong. The main stickling point being that Mark Ruffalo has a 6 movie deal with Marvel  and Banner doesn’t appear in the Planet Hulk storyline at all.  Guess it’s back to the speculation….


It’s not easy being Green


So the Green Goblin has been cast for the New Amazing Spiderman movie (tentatively titled Amazing Spiderman 2) and it’s none other than Chris Cooper (of American Beauty fame).


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