Life In Plastic: Toy News Roundup For 03/04/2013

Hey, everybody!  Don’t you ever get tired of, like, drowning in toys?  I sure don’t!  Or maybe I do.  Nah, here’s some news from this week:

-Universe of Violence’s March Figure Release has been announced!

-Jakks Pacific is gonna make Nintendo toys and Halloween costumes!  Dibs on the Big Boo suit. HERE

-Pixel Dan has posted video reviews of THREE upcoming He-Man figures at once!  Here are Snake Face, Strobo, and King He-Man.

-Mattel has posted a Castle Grayskull Q&A HERE.  Also, if you check’s forums, you’ll find another big statement from Scott Neitlich.

-Okay, allow me to editorialize a little.  Yes, it’s a couple of inches shorter (it’s still bigger by scale than the original).  Yes, it has lost a few accessories.  Yes it might have further price issues.  But the reaction by the vocal minority of the He-man fandom has been SHAMEFUL.  If you read the thread, you’ll see a few people behave in a way that is truly despicable.  It would almost be good for the toy line to end just to teach them a lesson.  Honestly, Mattel should do something more unprecedented than their HUGELY good communication and fan-pandering – ban those folks from buying anything.  See, there’s valid complaining, and then there’s this whining, screaming, never-satisfied insanity.  They will get exactly what they want, and then still whine and complain and threaten to sue over nothing.  Look, I’ve complained about Mattel before, because they do hilariously bad stuff.  But there’s a line of civility that you should not cross, and some fans have indeed crossed it.  It would actually be good for the line to kick them out.  They’re like a screaming-rude restaurant customer.  And you know what happens to those customers?  They get kicked out of the restaurant.  I am ashamed to be a He-Man fan after looking at these people.  ASHAMED.

-Hey, Playmates has shown off Bebop and Rocksteady HERE

-The Hobbit’s got official images for the  Radagast and Yaznig figures HERE

-From Toy Fair 2013, here’s an interview with the Funko CEO HERE

-Mezco’s Creature from the Black Lagoon is ready for preorder HERE

-Hot Toys has previewed their Expendables 2 Barney Ross figure that you will never be able to afford. HERE

-And here’s a first look at How To Train Your Dragon toys: HERE

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