Something..Something Kevin Smith

Consider this advertising for animation that is worth your time.

Its old news now (in internet terms) but apparently Kevin Smith has signed off on an animated film about his and his co-star Jason Mewes film alteregos Jay and Silent Bob, becoming superheros called Bluntman and Chronic (and breathe!). Its the usual you would expect, jokes about pot and sex and wangs etc that grew old when you gained a bit of maturity.

That, I wouldn’t mind in itself. It looks like Smith is signing off on this to help keep his friend Jason off of drugs and that I find admirable if a little awkward (the social dynamics must be messy over at the Smith household). Even if I’ve grown past Kevin Smith at the age he started making films, I understand there are a lot of people who love what he does and I’m usually happy to leave him in his own bubble.

But the animation. Oh god, the animation. More insultingly, the film cost £69,000 dollars to make (if its true of course, the figure is used to make a joke, so it may be a little less than accurate).

Watch the trailer if you must, but first I’m going to suggest a few alternatives. It will be time better spent and you will be supporting animators who have yet to get the recognition Smith has, that he can write off and tour with such a poor product.

Harry Partridge
Well animated and with a mixture of absurdest and pitch black humor hes well worth your time. Probably best known for Saturday Morning Watchmen which gets funnier the more you watch it and notice the details.  Due to the time it takes to animate it all, he can be a bit slow on producing shorts, but its well worth the wait.

How it should of ended

I’m sure most of you are aware of these guys. They post humorous videos usually about geeky films and how, if common sense prevailed, they would have ended.

High5 Toons

A bit more left field and the animation is down to personal taste in this case, but their video for pikachu on acid is wonderfully funny.

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